Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Board of Trustee Nomination

Responsibilities of a Trustee

The Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation is governed by an independent Board of Trustees who are elected to serve three-year terms. The Foundation serves as a catalyst that strengthens and preserves the ministries of our churches, institutions, agencies, and individuals through education, planning, resourcing, and financial management. The responsibility of a Trustee is to advance the mission and goals of the Foundation. The Board, which meets three times a year, includes clergy and lay leadership from across the state of Kansas, with expertise in a variety of professions.

Core Characteristics

There are many factors to consider when seeking experienced and qualified Trustees. Key factors include:

  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Connections and relationships across Kansas
  • A history of financial, human resource, marketing, religion, and accounting involvement
  • Strong and diverse work experience
  • Prior business experience
  • Impeccable character
  • Involvement and commitment to the work of God through the Church

It is not necessary for each trustee to possess all of these characteristics. The Board expects that trustee nominees already are faithful participants in their local church through their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. The diversity of experience, style, and contacts contributes to the overall success of the board, the Foundation, and ultimately the impact on ministry throughout Kansas.

The Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation's Executive Committee respectfully invites the submission of clergy and laity nominees who you believe would be a qualified candidate to serve on the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Please note there may not be sufficient board openings for all qualified candidates. Names of qualified candidates will be reviewed routinely to assure they are provided an opportunity to serve if and when the opportunity arises. We encourage you to nominate qualified candidates as they become known to you to assist the Foundation in maintaining the highest quality board. Please do NOT contact your nominee regarding their interest. Qualified candidates will be submitted to the full Board of Trustees for approval after review of the skill sets of the nominee in conjunction with the current needs of the Board/Foundation. Candidates approved by the Board of Trustees will be contacted to schedule a time to discuss expectations of a board member and extend an invitation to serve as a Trustee by the Foundation’s President and CEO.

The Executive Committee is continually striving to develop a Board that is totally committed and capable of assuring that the Mission of the Foundation is met in every area. Your assistance in nominating highly qualified candidates is sincerely appreciated.