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Estate Planning Services

Bequests are a way that you can leave a lasting legacy, but continue to use the property you will donate during your life. Foundation staff are available to meet, on a confidential basis, and at no cost or obligation, with you to discuss end-of-life planning. The Foundation is legally authorized to serve as administrator of bequests set up to benefit Kansas United Methodist individuals, churches or agencies.

The Foundation retains a local attorney who specializes in estate planning and charitable gifts, to assist persons in planning their estates, at no cost to you. If you are interested in more information or meeting with the local attorney, please let us know here or call us directly at 620-664-9623.


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“Did you realize that even if you have not taken the important first step of having a will or trust drafted, you already have an estate plan, because every state has a distribution plan that takes over when someone passes away without a plan. Most people find the state-provided estate plan very unsatisfactory and contrary to their wishes. Given a choice, we all prefer to exercise a measure of control over the final disposition of our property. Wills and trusts are the means to this end.”

John W. Griffin, JD
Stewardship Counseling, LLC



John Griffin, JD provides comprehensive guidance to individuals and couples who want to establish or update estate plans that minimize gift, income, and estate taxes. The Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation has contracted with John W. Griffin, JD of Stewardship Counseling, LLC, to provide this free service to our friends and donors.

All information is confidential.  Any legal work required is completed by an attorney of your choosing.



Including a bequest in your will or trust to individual beneficiaries or a charitable organization, such as the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation, is a great way to make a meaningful impact on future generations.



The reasons that donors make charitable bequests are generally as varied as the donors themselves, but perhaps one common denominator is a sincere desire to give back to your United Methodist church, the community, or to a particular ministry.

Other advantages include:

  • It is easy. Making a bequest is as simple as inserting a few sentences into your will, such as, “I give $25,000 or a certain percentage to the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation or another charitable ministry.”
  • It is revocable. A revocable trust or bequest provides instructions for a gift at the time of death. These instructions can be changed or terminated at any time prior to death.
  • It is tax-smart. Your estate is entitled to an unlimited estate tax charitable deduction for bequests to qualified charitable ministry.


“Grateful for the gift of guidance! We are blessed to have had John’s assistance available to us through the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation. He did a superb job walking us through each detail, explaining the “all-important-but-unfamiliar-to-most” legal jargon, along the way. We can truly say that we understood the options before us and were the active decision makers in the process. What a great feeling to have this planning completed. Thank you!”

- Corey and Marina Godbey

John Griffin, Stewardship Services, LLC

A complimentary service to donors and friends of the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation.