Leaving a Lasting Legacy


“Use your God-given gifts well and wisely, to earn all you can, that you might practice frugality and save all you can, that you might have more than enough so that you are able to give all you can.” - John Wesley

For over fifty years, churches and organizations across Kansas have entrusted the Foundation to care for the management of their long-term funds. Through the guidance of experienced asset managers and the Foundation's Board of Trustees, the Foundation helps provide competitive returns to our account holders while investing in accordance with the Book of Discipline's Social Principles.



Investment Returns:

Rates of Return as of September 30, 2021, Net-of-Investment Fees:


Investment Fund Options:


Karen Manczko, Director of Institutional Relationships with Wespath Institutional Investments, shares the 2020 performance of the KAUMF funds. To watch the full 2021 Investment Forum, click here


When opening an account with the Foundation, the church or organization can select 100% Balanced Fund or choose the specific asset allocation from our four funds. Effective November 1, 2019, the Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation partnered with Wespath Institutional Investments as the investment manager. 

Balanced Fund
The Balanced Fund seeks to maximize long-term investment returns, including current income and capital appreciation, while reducing short-term risk by investing in a broad mix of investments. This fund provides a simple solution for long-term legacy investments, with an asset allocation of 65% Equity and 35% Fixed Income. 

Equity Fund
Seeks to earn long-term capital appreciation primarily from a broadly diversified portfolio of foreign and domestic funds, with a target mix of 55% U.S. Equity Fund and 45% International Equity Fund

Fixed Income Fund
Seeks to earn current income by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of fixed-income instruments. 

Short Term Fund
The Short Term Fund seeks to provide a low risk investment option for the preservation of capital. This funds is a competitive option for shorter term investment needs, such as renovations, capital campaign pledges, known capital needs, etc.  


Additional Investment Option with the Foundation:

Certificate of Participation
Certificate of Participation provides the security of a fixed income type vehicle at competitive rates for short term investments. Certificates of Participation are the funding source of the Foundation's Church Development Loan Fund providing loans to the Great Plains Conference United Methodist Churches and related institutions throughout the state of Kansas and Nebraska for the purchase of real esate, building new church starts, renovating existing buildings, large maintenance projects, operating needs and re-financing existing indebtedness. 


Investing with the Foundation:

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Investment Summary:

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