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Certificates of Participation

The Certificate of Participation provides an investment alternative for those who are seeking the security of a fixed income type vehicle at competitive rates. It is an excellent option for investors who like to invest in certificate of deposits or money market funds. These certificates have been registered only with the State of Kansas Securities Commissioner and the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance. The Certificate of Participations are not offered in any other state or jurisdiction.

The Certificate of Participation is the funding source of the Foundation's Church Development Loan Fund providing loans to the Great Plains Conference United Methodist Churches and related institutions throughout the state of Kansas and Nebraska for the purchase of real estate, building new church starts, renovating existing buildings, large maintenance projects, operating needs and re-financing existing indebtedness. The Certificate of Participation program is available to the Great Plains Conference Kansas and Nebraska United Methodist Churches, individuals and related institutions.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Certificate of Participation Offering Circular, including an application for participation, click on the links below or please contact the Foundation office directly at 888-453-8405 or foundation@kaumf.org.

Certificate of Participation Investment:

• $1000 minimum investment – 12 month term or two year term
• No penalty for early withdrawal for special circumstances
• Simple Application Process – Must obtain an Offering Circular
• Fixed rates adjusted monthly for new certificates

Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation
Certificate of Participation
Interest Rates
One Year Rate - 1.45%
Two Year Rate - 1.75%
(Effective as of February 1, 2020)  Interest rates for the Certificate of Participation are reviewed and adjusted (if necessary) on a monthly basis.


Forms and Resources

Certificate of Participation Flyer

Offering Circular

Application for Individual(s)

Application for Churches, Unincorporated Organizations and Legal Entities

Application for Trust

Certificate of Participation Postcard 1

Certificate of Participation Postcard 2

Certificate of Participation Postcard 3

Certificate of Participation Postcard 4

Certificate of Participation Postcard 5