Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Cornerstone Fund


Our Vision is that the Foundation is the trusted resource for all things financial for churches and organization’s charitable giving within the Methodist tradition. We are known for our Legacy Giving, Investments, and Loans. We help individuals give generously to leave a lasting legacy and provide enduring support for their church and other ministries that they care about. We are growing our ability to help churches be financially healthy, have the resources to do the ministries they are called to do, and to help their people leave a lasting legacy. We are also a reliable investment partner for churches and related institutions and agencies, growing our accounts annually.

The Cornerstone Fund is the primary support “rock” of the Foundation’s operations and impact. It is a permanently endowed fund, allowing the Foundation to expand its ministry and reach across the state of Kansas. Gifts to this fund will be a living legacy for the Foundation to continue providing services to support United Methodist churches, families and organizations. Through supporting the operations, the Foundation will continue to transform lives across the state by helping churches and families become financially healthy and faithful stewards of the resources God has entrusted.

The goal of the Cornerstone Fund is at least $10 Million, leading to the Foundation serving more people of faith across Kansas, and allowing the gift given to make greater impact to the ministries of making disciples of Jesus Christ, for the transformation of the world. With the support of the Fund, the Foundation can reach more individuals and provide new ministries that help our faithful people leave a lasting legacy.