Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Stock Transfer

Giving appreciated stock is a great way to support your church’s ministry. Stocks and mutual funds can be given to the Foundation to sell and send the proceeds to your church or another ministry. 

What are Appreciated Stocks?

Appreciated stocks are assets which have increased in value from the time they were purchased to current value. For example, if a stock is purchased for $50 per share and is now valued at $80 per share, the stock has appreciated $30 per share. If a stock is sold, the owner may be subject to a capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Why do Appreciated Stocks make a good donation?

Donating appreciated stocks, before it is sold, can be a good option because the donor can eliminate capital gains taxes on the sale. Other benefits include: donating a larger amount to the charity and possibly receiving a higher tax deduction.


The Foundation does not charge to provide this service.

It is important that the Foundation receives a copy of the stock transfer form to help the gift be processed quickly and correctly. If you have any questions, please contact us at foundation@kaumf.org