Sustaining the United Methodist Witness


“Use your God-given gifts well and wisely, to earn all you can, that you might practice frugality and save all you can, that you might have more than enough so that you are able to give all you can.” John Wesley

Short Term Income Fund

This investment fund can provide a safe and conservative investment for your money. The fund invests in only U.S. Treasury obligations and/or jumbo certificates of deposit insured by the FDIC, with maturities of 36 months or less. No assets are sold before they mature, so there is no variation in the principal value of your investment. The Foundation is using the Short-Term Income Fund as an alternative to the money market fund to provide a higher rate of return during this period of lower interest rates. Accrued interest is posted to our clients’ accounts as of the last day of each month. This fund is managed by The Commerce Trust Company of Kansas City, Missouri.

Fixed Income Fund

This investment fund seeks to provide as high a level of current income as is consistent with the preservation of capital for the Foundation’s clients, with the investments in intermediate duration securities subject to screening under the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church. The asset targets for this fund are 77% invested in investment grade debt obligations, with short, intermediate and long term durations, 5% in emerging markets, 15% in high yield bonds and Senior Bank Loans and 3% in cash. There may be some fluctuation in principal values as assets may be sold before they mature to provide liquidity, and the asset values will fluctuate on a daily market basis. This fund is managed through Discretionary Management Services LLC of Overland Park, Kansas and The Commerce Trust Company, Kansas City, Missouri.

Equity Fund

This investment fund seeks growth through long-term capital appreciation in stocks that are screened under the Social Principles of The United Methodist Church and, if any, mutual funds that are not screened under the Social Principles. The fund’s target allocations are 42% in domestic large/mid cap stocks, 10% in domestic small cap stocks, 28% in developed international equities, 17% in emerging markets and 3% in domestic cash. This fund is managed by Discretionary Management Services LLC, with subaccount managers of Montag & Caldwell, Atlanta, Georgia (Large Cap Growth), Westwood Management, Dallas, Texas (Large Cap Value), Fiduciary Management, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Small Cap), Matthews Asia Growth Fund, San Francisco, California (a portion of the international equities with companies located only in Asian countries), and Earnest Partners, Atlanta Georgia (international equities of non-U.S. companies).

Custodial Investment Accounts

Custodial Investment Accounts, for investment accounts containing other investment funds and securities, or other types of assets.

A depositor with or donor to the Foundation may wish to advise and choose the assets in which their account is invested, or desire a different investment strategy than is provided through the established funds. Upon receipt of specific assets and/or cash, the Foundation will manage the assets received and will invest all cash funds pursuant to an investment plan, as negotiated with the Foundation prior to the gift or deposit. This type of account may be useful when the depositor or donor wishes selected securities or other assets to remain in the account’s investment portfolio, or a depositor wishes to retain some investments in a local financial institution. This type of account will also accommodate depositors and donors who desire a different investment strategy than is provided in the Foundation’s established funds, such as tax-free securities or international equities.


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