Sustaining the United Methodist Witness

Orientation to Generosity Seminars

"The purpose of making disciples is to enable people to become faithful and effective Christian stewards."

Dan R. Dick, Beyond Money: Becoming Good and Faithful Stewards

(Nashville, TN; Discipleship Resources, 2006), 10

The Generosity Seminar for local church lay and spiritual leaders is the foundation of all of our services.  We discuss the competitive nature of mission, What motivates giving.  What practices best nurture generous living.

Regardless of the size of the congregation, the Generosity Seminar will enlighten your church committee leaders to:

  • understand their purpose and function as it relates to stewardship
  • what it means to compete for the  Philanthropic dollar
  • encourage generous living within their local church
  • strengthen their United Methodist witness

Faith is a continuously maturing process, all we have and all we are is a gift from God.  Stewardship of these resources and our lives is a way of life; people giving out of gratitude to God and as a witness to their faith.

"But eventually I began to mature in my own giving and in my understanding of stewardship.  I began to ask people to give out of gratitude to God and as a witness to their faith.  And that freed me from any sense of being a "salesman" for our church to being one who proclaimed the spiritual truth about stewardship.  I moved from fund raising to stewardship-proclaiming.  I focused less upon the need to balance our church budget, and more upon the need to balance our lifestyles.  And the results were even more effective in terms of dollars but also in terms of joyful satisfaction."

Bishop Michael J. Coyner, Indiana Annual Conference

"WHY WE GIVE", United Methodist Communication, Nashville, TN, 2015


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