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AVAILABLE NOW! Church Building Projects - A Leadership Guide

Apr 22, 2015

AVAILABLE NOW! Church Building Projects - A Leadership Guide

With any decision to expand, update, replace, move, or change your facility, there comes another equally complex challenge: how to make it happen. Typically, this challenge requires time, vision, commitment, energy, financial stability and an extra measure of guidance to step you through what can be a very stressful process.

The Kansas Area United Methodist Foundation has advised and guided many churches through project planning, assessment, documentation, and implementation. Since we consult exclusively with United Methodist churches, we understand the specific needs of that community, including the denominational structure and the Book of Discipline and how they relate to building projects.

This handbook is designed to guide the District Board of Church Location and Building Committee and the local church through a successful and effective process for expanding God’s kingdom. To request a free copy, contact the Foundation Office at or 888-453-8405.